Aquamarine Gemstone

If you a fan of gemstones, the aquamarine gemstone holds a special place. The appeal of this stone lies in it’s subtlety,it doesn’t scream to be looked it, rather it quietly pulls you in. On observing the stone, you can be lost in it’s calming influence.  I was told that in legend  the aquamarine gemstone was born from the mermaids treasure chest, and has been associated as the sailors lucky stone. As such it has been believed to bestow foresight,intelligence and courage to the wearer. It was also regarded as a  healing stone, for use in cleaning the body of poisons, and the treatment of sore throat, arthritis, and inflammation. I may not be certain of these uses but the stone itself holds an air of both serenity and seduction in it’s beauty that is pretty hard to ignore. Watching closely at this unique stone gives the impression of the colours of a tropical sea.

aquamarine gemstone

aquamarine gemstone

The aquamarine gemstone ranges in colour in much the same way the ocean does. It can vary from pale blue, to dark blue to teal, it all depends on the level of heat the stone itself is subjected to. This gem is at best clear and transparent. In some cases though, a deeper blue is more favoured.When faceted it looks exceptionally brilliant  but when smoothed out can display a striking cats’ eye effect or a star effect. This gives the stone a unique look that only a few other stones can attain.Because of this,such designs usually command a higher price and is well worth the price premium. It just looks gorgeous. This is the birthstone for March and even though I possess my own birthstone for a later month, I am envious of the March born who hold this stone as a symbol for the month.

The aquamarine gemstone is perfect to use in jewelry, in any shape or form. The aquamarine gemstone belongs to the Beryl family with a Mochs scale hardness level of 8.That translates to a very hard gemstone! The stone is related to the emerald in which it shares it’s durability with. It is just under the hardness of the diamond and can survive knocks and scratches from daily use if used in something like a ring. The pearl and amber can’t survive that high level of abuse, not that you would want to bump or scratch your jewelry, but these things happen. It’s reassuring to know that the stone can be worn everyday to handle the rigours of life and be introduced to the world as often as possible.

Deposits of this stone can be found on many parts of the world, but the leading supplier is Brazil. The largest aquamarine gemstone was actually found there. Called the Minas Girais it was  weighed at  243 pounds and measured 18 inches long and 15 inches in diameter. This gorgeous chunk of rock was cut into many smaller gemstones. This stone is perfect to give as a gift for any occasion and can be happily worn by both sexes. The aquamarine is a flexible stone that can be worn in most situations with it’s mysterious effect not demanding, but quietly drawing admirers .